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Signed Edtiion Available Now!



Global Release Date:

October 12


Available from: Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and several other digital sources


10 years after the release of the well-received Electro Pop album, comes Electro Pop 2! Originally planned as a 14-track album, the album has now become Electro Pop 2 - DELUXE EDITION!


Disc 1 - Radio Edits and B-Sides


  1. Don't Fit In (Radio Edit)
  2. Suburbia (Radio Edit)
  3. New Wave Weekend (Radio Edit)
  4. Catastrophe Addict (Radio Edit)
  5. Glam (Radio Edit)
  6. Ghosts of the Dance Floor (Radio Edit)
  7. Lies (Radio Edit)
  8. Hard Luck Baby (Radio Edit)
  9. Everything is Fucked (Radio Edit)
  10. EVERYDAY!!! (Radio Edit)
  11. 2 Much Fun (Radio Edit)
  12. Electro Pop (Radio Edit)
  13. Rocket 2 Mars (Radio Edit)
  14. The Only Path (Radio Edit)
  15. Spooky
  16. Cold (Radio Edit)
  17. The Backroom
  18. An Adventure (Edit)
  19. Journey of a Lifetime (Edit) (for Bobbi)


Disc 2 - Full Album Versions



  1. Don't Fit In
  2. Suburbia
  3. New Wave Weekend
  4. Catastrophe Addict
  5. Glam
  6. Ghosts of the Dance Floor
  7. Lies
  8. Hard Luck Baby
  9. Everything is Fucked
  10. EVERYDAY!!!
  11. 2 Much Fun
  12. Electro Pop
  13. Rocket 2 Mars
  14. The Only Path



The album will be released as a double-CD Deluxe edition, mastered in HDCD® Audio from, Bandcamp, and also available from all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon and Google. Signed copies of this, and all previous Munich Syndrome releases will be available from Bandcamp once Electro Pop 2 goes into production


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Munich Syndrome is now available through as well as and other online retailers!

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